Wednesday, June 24, 2020

ዝኸሪ 1ይ ዓመት መስዋእቲ ጀነራላትና /6/23/2020] (Source: Tigray Media House)

First Anniversary Memorial Service for three Tigreans generals - two of whom were assassinated last year in Addis Ababa - was conducted on June 23, 2020, in Arlington, Virginia, the USA, where some members of their families and numerous Tigreans and descendants of Tigray (Ethiopia) were in attendance. The Tigray Media House was present and taped the event.

Security and Justice for Tigreans in Ethiopia (SJTE) would like to express its deep sorrows and sympathy to the still mourning family members of these heroes as well as to all Tigreans at home and abroad who strongly condemn the politically motivated assassinations of the two generals: Chief General Seare Mekonnen, Head of the EPDRF Military of Ethiopia, and his colleague General Geza'e Aberra. And all Tigreans are firmly and unitedly demanding justice for the two generals who have been killed due to political motivation and hate against Tigreans!