Would you please accept my Greetings from Vancouver, BC, and through you to all of your Team.

I would like to commend you and your Team who have taken the time to deliberate and establish an Organization under the banner of “Safety and Justice for Tigreans in Ethiopia”. The mission and objectives and related matters of the Organization are well articulated and for that, I salute you.

During your exchange of e-mails between you and Fessehaye, I am glad to read that that you would encourage the participants to be open and candid. If I am not mistaken you have also alluded that the Document could be a Living Document. I am glad you left that open for discussion.

Speaking of your encouragement to be open and candid, I would suggest if you could spell out the agenda, in this particular case, the sequence of items to be discussed, each item to be introduced and timed for discussion ahead of the Teleconference Date. I believe it will help the Facilitator as well as the Participants to smoothen their thoughts, comments, and suggestions.
I am looking forward to seeing the Strategic Plan Document to be endorsed and supported by all participants.

Best Regards,

Tekie Hagos

Vancouver, BC


I am just sharing my thoughts with honesty, I m  just an ordinary Tigraway who likes straight forward discussion without any intention but expressing what seems right to me, I might be wrong.

Here we go-
As per my yesterday’s suggestions,
The continuity of this association matters, unlike many Tegaru initiatives,which were created and died soon, just to fight the fire instead of working on long term goals...

We had nobody to depend on to write a petition and send to senators during the displacement of Tegaru after colonel Abiy took power, everyone was frustrated how to write it professionally, how to sign it and send it, to whom to send it to...DO YOU HAVE A TEAM FOR THIS MATTER?

Tegaru law professionals who are based in Ethiopia and Diaspora who can help locals and internationally( politically-motivated issues that impact our people or individual Tegaru )- DO YOU HAVE A Legal TEAM? 

Tegaru Activities, journalists, and associations for justice such as led by Alula Solomon, UTNA, SebHidri....and even private journalists( who have unbiased info/news of the people of Tigray- might be pro or against the Tigray government ) ..., DO YOU HAVE A COMMON PLATFORM? ANY TEAMWORK? ANY REGULAR MEETING ON SPECIFIC SCHEDULE to discuss with?

Communication with Global Media and human right Associations  is crucial, we can not fight alone,
ANY DIRECT CONTACT WITH MEDIA such as TMH Amharic, VOA, OMN, AlJezira, Amnesty,  Human Rights Watch..., any Media committee to this?

Any bilateral relations with similar domestic and local justice and security forces, Tigray is surrounded by many, we need sustained peace -  DO YOU HAVE A PR TEAM FOR Oromo based, Afar, Eritrean based,....for that matter,  CAN WE HAVE OROMIFA, AFAR, ARABIC, ENGLISH, FRENCH...speaking dedicated Tegaru In your PR?

- Working with publicly elected Tigray government is not bad, respecting and working with them can not be considered as a  political affiliation 
—DO YOU HAVE SECURED  COMMUNICATION WITH TIGRAY GOVERNMENT OR SECURITY SYSTEM, you don’t need to explain everything to the public in this regard ...when sharing sensitive feedbacks...

Well organized technology personal on Emailing, website, YouTube, Facebook, Viber, Teleconference Systems,...
ANY BASIC INFORMATIONAL WEBSITE, A DEDICATED FACEBOOK  AND YOUTUBE CHANNEL.....You need to email communication with privacy in mind. Here I can see the 138 and more emails that you are trying to reach out. You need to have secured members only and another public communication platform.


- inclusiveness and diversity matters to create trust- Variety of Hosts on different Teleconferences, occasions, and agendas is necessary...
ANY MAJORITY OR MINORITY  REPRESENTATIVES IN THE LEADERSHIP affects, are you team members From Raya to Humera...?

I hope you share this to your  the organizing committee,

### don’t forget the teleconference settings For professional handling, on next worldwide discussions,:

Go to setting in the teleconference website and do —-

My 3Cs-
Consistency (don’t start if you do no continue,)

Communication (On a timely basis with sources, followers, and media and respective associations...)

Collaborating (within Tegaru representing every part of Tigray, with  none Tegaru forces)

Thank You


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